- Artist's Statement -

  As an artist, I paint in the Traditional Realist style using the academic approach of the Old Masters of the 15th thru the 19th centuries. My ideal style is based on sound craftsmanship and techniques of the past combined with my own findings. I strive for an honest, sincere personal statement in the realistic tradition with idealistic values. I produce no gimmicks or fad distortions. As an artist I believe, as did the great masters of the past, that the highest triumph an artist can achieve is the artistic genius of perfect reproduction of the subject represented with a deep passion of poetic feeling and beauty, ideal and superior in quality and craftsmanship.
       I see only the beautiful in art and, for me, art is beautiful. I accept structure and discipline as I create with sound knowledge, accompanied by a well-disciplined use of materials. In all fairness, I have accepted the infinite pains like the old masters in the selection and preparation of methods, materials, and concepts in creating a painting. I deal with preconceived, clearly thought out well designed pictorial projects, where every phase of the painting is developed almost according to a schedule, and carried out to the highest perfection of form and the greatest clarity and luminosity of color. My technique is a very personal form of expression which is born of inner necessity. I’m an artist endowed with a special nature, with a particular feeling for seeing form and color spontaneously, as a whole, in perfect harmony. The closer my work of art comes to perfection, the harder it is to pick out its merits, because of the beauty of the whole being fused.
        My art is the negation of life’s disorder and imperfection. It promotes order, clarity, pureness, perfection, and passion. The beauty of my painting is not created to express the real world but to replace it with a better one. My painting is respectful of the great classical tradition from which I learned the fine craftsmanship and wisdom of the Old Masters. My subjects lose the insignificance they have in real life and become delicate objects full of grace, emotion, idiosyncrasy, and spiritual life. My work has no rejection of life, but rather an amorous recreation of what exists; purified of everything that distorts it in reality. My paintings show that everything that exists is elegant, refined, beautiful, and perfect. The basis of great art is achieved when the elements of art - drawing, composition, modeling, perspective, design, and color - are brought together in unity to support, enhance, and intensify the artist’s emotions. To fully appreciate this style of art one must profess a deep respect for the discipline of drawing and the craft of traditional picture making; one must likewise submit to the mystery of illusion as one of painting’s most characteristic and stately powers.  

      In my quest as an artist, I am dedicated to the belief that only creativity, disciplined for years with intensive training and research and built on much knowledge of the past, can produce genius and the masterpieces of tomorrow. My conviction in fine art is, first and foremost, about life and all the important emotions that form and define the human experience. My art reflects my taste, style, and perspective on life. It infuses life with elegance, vitality, and refinement. It's so magical, offering an experience that touches the senses with passion.

      In the end, I’m an artist out of step with my time, with a purpose in a precious life. To see only the beautiful in art, I, therefore, pass on the passion of my art for all to sense my pleasure. My world directs you to a world of physics, fact, and feelings. My desire as an artist is to record a vision of beauty and perfection in a less-than-perfect age...

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